Training with Deutsche Welle Akademie

Last week the Freedom Fone team completed a training hosted by the DW Akademie. The training focused on how to script, record and edit good quality audio for a variety of appropriate formats including: Vox Pops, news stories and explanation pieces. All files need to be audible and clear to callers using mobile phones.

Our team and two presenters from Zimbabwean community radio stations - Radio Dialogue and Community Radio Harare (CORAH) - attended the workshop. The objective for this training was to develop a best practice guide (coming soon) for producing audio content for a Freedom Fone service. 
Audio production is a complicated business at the best of times, and producing content for the low quality medium of mobile telephones requires special guidance. We expect our Freedom Fone Audio Cookbook to be such a useful guide that you won't have to be a radio DJ or sound engineer to create an interesting and creative service.   
Since 1965 DW Akademie has been conducting a variety of media development projects to reinforce free and independent media. They are committed to media development, training and education programs across the world. 
Testing our very own DIY recording studio
Testing our very own DIY recording studio in the office. 
Guidelines for Vox Pops
Guidelines for creating Vox Pops for a Freedom Fone Service. Vox Pops are basically a random sample of public opinion around a current topic of discussion.