Freedom Fone - Version 2.S.8


v2.S.8 ISO Freedom Fone server
v2.S.8 MD5** MD5

** Make sure to download the MD5 checksum to verify the integrity of the installer file

Version Details

This ISO has the same functionality as v2.S.7.1 but is built on Ubuntu 14.04LTS.

We have had mixed success with installing v2.S.8 on computers due to issues associated with the Ubuntu 14.04LTS desktop application. If you are experiencing installation or operating problems we recommend you use v2.S.7.1 instead.


Documentation for v2.S.8

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Important notes

A. Twinkle doesn't work on Ubuntu 14.04LTS as at end September 2014.

B. There were a few glitches at the time of production of the v2.S.8 ISO.

1. Debug has been left ON in error. To fix:

a. Open a terminal window

b. Edit /opt/freedomfone/gui/app/Config/core.php as follows:

sudo gedit /opt/freedomfone/gui/app/Config/core.php

When prompted for a password type sharicus and press the 'Enter' key

Change the line

Configure::write('debug', 3);


Configure::write('debug', 0);

c. Save the file

d. Close/Quit gedit

2. Ubuntu desktop region settings have been set to Sweden. To modify them to your own Language & Time zone do the following:

Ubuntu System Settings icona. Click on the System Settings icon on the Launcher on the left hand side of the desktop screen.

b. Select Language Support under Personal and change settings to suit yourself.

c. Select Time & Date under System and change settings to your region.

3. Backup/Restore folder and scripts can be located in the Documentation / Tech folder.