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Given the constrained media landscape in Zimbabwe, Kubatana has been developing innovative communication strategies to aggregate and share critical information. They use a number of traditional and non-traditional media strategies to engage with a growing community of activists and civil society practitioners to create awareness and inspire social justice.

To increase their outreach to the 90% of Zimbabweans who do not have Internet access, Freedom Fone was created to take advantage of the growing number of mobile phone users. Despite rapidly evolving trends in new media and communication technologies, there is a growing need to engage with communities who do not have access to Interent and may still be dis-empowered because of literacy and language barriers.

Freedom Fone was developed as a priority voice-based communications platform to interact with offline audiences in any language. All they need is a mobile connection. The technology has been developed as a free and open source project that aims to service a growing community of users across the world.

We believe in bridging the growing digital divide and providing real solutions that empower communities that still live out on the fringes of the global information society. We are currently looking for volunteers, translators, open source software developers and trainers/ICT specialists to partner with. Meet our team:

Development team

Alberto Escudero Pascual & Louise Berthilson – IT46

Freedom Fone volunteers

Brenda Burrell – Zimbabwe
Tichafara Sigauke – Australia